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Why you should drink hot water with lemon drink

Hi Beauties!

Today's topic would be why you should drink hot water with lemon drink. There are a lot of benefits on why you should drink hot water with lemon drink.

I start my day every morning with a cup of hot water with lemon drink. This drink is really simple to make, keep reading on &you'll find out how.

What you need;
1) A cup of hot water
2) A slice of fresh lemon.

How to make;

Step 1) Boil hot water or if you're lazy. Pop your cup of water in  the microwave and wait for about 30 sec (this should be soup warm).

step 2) Take your lemon and cut a slice of lemon (depending how many pieces you want to put in your drink)

Step 3) Throw your slice of lemon into the hot cup of water that was microwaved. Leave it for about 2 minutes then drink up! If it's too hot then wait till it cools down.

Now why you should drink the hot water and lemon drink. Not only it refreshes you up but also it removes toxins that are built up in your body!

1) Boosts your immune system; Lemon contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for tackling colds therefore you wouldn't fall sick easy and also help blood pressure.

2) Weight Loss; Lemon are high in pectic fibers, which stops you from hunger cravings.

3) Acts as a natural diuretic; Lemon flushes out all unwanted materials in your body therefore increases your visit to the toilet.

4) Clear skin; Vitamin C helps decreases blemishes and fine wrinkles

Those are some of the benefits of why you should drink hot water with lemon drink every single day.
Do this for about a week and you'll start to see a differences in your skin and you'll even feel healthier.
You should do it 1 hour prior to eating something or 1 hour after eating something.

Happy drinking!

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