Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Basic Haircare.

Hi Lovelies!

As promised I would post a hair care post today, so here's it is! Today's post is going to be about basic hair care! So keep reading on and let's just started!

Hair care tips;

1) Wet your hair thoroughly before shampoo-ing it, this minimizes breakage of hair.
2) After shampoo-ing, rinse your hair with COLD water. Rinsing with cold water will then seal all the goodness in your hair!
3) Towel-Dry your hair before blow drying your hair, this will cause it to not break that easily, also let your hair air dry for about 20 minutes before blowing it dry!
4) Comb your hair thoroughly when it's wet, so when you blow your hair this avoids any tangles and breakage.
5) If you have dull or lifeless hair, try cutting down cholesterol and fats!
6) Always condition your hair!
7) Never ever rub your hair dry because this will make it more frizzy, always dab it dry in between your towel.
8) Always wash your hair right after even if it's just with water after swimming. Chlorine can do major damage to your hair.
9) Never condition your roots because this will cause it to be more oily and greasy.
10) Always do a hair mask once-twice a week! If you haven't check my post; Click here

So I know this post may be a little shorter than what I have written the past few days, but nonetheless these are the basic hair tips I could give you in order to have healthier and silkier hair! I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tune for tomorrow's new post.

Tomorrow's post will be about a hair care product review that I have recently tested out for dry and damaged hair, so if you have dry and damaged hair then stay tuned!

Update: This blog will now not be solely based on hair care and skin care anymore, I have gravitated towards being a beauty blogger, I'll be doing makeup tips, product reviews as well! i hope you guys like the change!

Love you guys! :*
xx Nic (@nichollezoe)


  1. Really cute blog, love all the hair articles!

  2. Hi zoe!

    hehe, we have the same name!! thank you, I followed back

    xx Nic

  3. these are really good tips, i didn't know about #5 before :)



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