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Why you should carry thermal water sprays.

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You might think why am I doing a post on thermal water sprays? Well a lot of people tend to ignore the benefits of using a thermal water spray. There's tons of brands on thermal water sprays &thermal water spray isn't just water in a bottle. It's more than that! Keep reading on and you'll find out what the benefits are.

So there are different type of thermal water, I personally use Avene before but I have now changed to Evian thermal spring water.

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I discovered the benefits of using these thermal spring water sprays when my skin was having it's dry days and I decided to give Avene a go, I used to use their skincare line but I discontinued as I found out that it wasn't doing much to my skin as I grew older!

What is a thermal spring water?
-Thermal water are basically just water that come from thermal springs. The water contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Yes, it has been proven.

1) Soothe and rebalance moisture in your skin
2) Reduce redness
3) Set makeup
4) Freshen up skin.

I bring a bottle of thermal spring water spray with me quite often if the sun is making my skin dry out or if I am not using sunscreen that day (which is bad! Sunscreen 101 post next!) I can instantly just pick this up from my bag and spray is on to give me more moisture.

I bring it on the plane with me as well (Of course the smaller sized bottle) because air plane air can be really bad for your skin as it is recycled air, So I spray this on my skin and it's an instant pick me up!

I found out that the small redness under my skin has completely cleared up after using this!

How to use it?
- Just spray it on your face like you normally would spray your makeup setting spray.
This is how you should spray it on your face! 

However said, Thermal spring water may/can cause rosacea or even irritate for sensitive skin, I have sensitive skin and this did not in any way irritate my skin. So please consult a dermatologist before using this thermal spring water or if you are 100% confident with yourself that it is not going to irritate your skin then you may do so. I'll say do a test patch around your jaw area and let it sit for 24 hours then see the results!

You may even try using normal water to spray it on your skin on daily basis but the results wouldn't be that effective as said this has been clinically tested. However, hot and cold changes to your skin may cause you to have broken capillaries (veins under the skin) so do watch out if you would just use normal water.

So these are the tips and benefits on using thermal spring water! Are you now willing to give it a try? Check back in every day at 3pm for a new post!
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ps// I am not a dermatologist so I am not responsible if the thermal spring water irritates your skin, so please do this under your own risk/care. I personally did not have a problem with the spring water.

Stay healthy!
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  1. I've been looking for something like the thermal water spray for a long time, now. Thanks for this post. I'm off to buy one :)

  2. Hi Kate!

    No problem, Thanks for reading! Enjoy using your thermal water spray!




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