Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to have thicker hair

Hi Beauties!

A lot of people are wanting to get healthier and thicker hair, But believe it or not to have healthier and thicker hair comes from better diets (eating healthy). I'm going to give you a few food that will help you have thicker hair! So keep reading on and you'll find out!

Eat more fish, lamb, chicken, turkey and beef! These will help you have thicker hair. Not only meat products have protein, if you like eggs or low fat dairy products, go ahead and have them too! Soya Bean product is a good choice of having healthier and thicker hair too! Eat eggs daily, you'll find that you'll start growing thicker hair quickly!


If you want healthier hair, you need zinc. Try eating more whole grain cereales, eggs, milk, cheese and even oysters! Zinc is one of the minerals that will keep hair from falling out so if you want thicker hair, zinc is essential.


Vitamin A and C are very important for having thicker hair. Vitamin A and C are important because it's for your scalp. If you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp then vitamin A and C will help with that.
Food that contains Vitamin A or C can be either milk, cheese, yoghurt or even orange juice!
Drink more orange juice and say hi to healthier thicker hair! Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A, so if you like munching on baby carrots, You're doing great!

So this are the food that you can eat to get healthier and thicker hair! Like an old saying, You are what you eat! So stay healthy and have an amazing day! Check out my previous post about DIY hair mask if you want something easier and be able to see results in just a few minutes.

Disclaimer; All pictures are not mine unless stated!

Happy eating!
xx Nic

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