Monday, 19 November 2012

How I remove my makeup.

Hi beauties!

So the last two post that I have published here were about hair care so I thought it would be fair if I did a skin care post here! Well, removing your makeup is essential in any skin care routine to get perfect looking skin and I know a lot of teens (including myself) love using makeup wipes. Here I am going to tell you how I remove my makeup and give you a small review on the product as well! Keep reading &let's go ahead.

The two products that I have been using lately would be Simple Makeup Cleansing Wipes and my all time favorite Shu Uemura Balancing Oil. Both this product work together to get rid of the tiniest bit of makeup that is still left deep in my pores.

Product 1) Simple Balancing Cleansing Wipes.

Review; This product doesn't have a scent that lingers around your face, however this leaves a small film of residue on your face, so if you're not a person who likes that this might irritate you just a bit. Removes my makeup really well however this does not (DOES NOT) remove my waterproof mascara as it said it does, but of course I don't expect a small piece of cloth to remove my water proof mascara!
Overall: 8/10. 

Product 2) Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil. 

Review; I absolutely am in love with this product! This product removes every last bit of my makeup and just make my face feel clean and fresh. This also removes waterproof mascara really well, just like the MAC cleanse off oil, If you've never heard of that I recommend you to google or even YouTube it. This comes out as an oil based cleanser, then when it comes in contact with water it turns into a milky cleanser. I have super oily skin, this does not in any way add more oil to my face.


How I remove my makeup?
- Take a small piece of the cleansing wipes (SIMPLE), I wipe this all over my face to get rid of my makeup. This however will not get rid of all the makeup off your face. Cleansing wipes only remove the top layer of makeup! There are a lot of makeup under your skin.
- I take a small pump of the balancing cleansing oil and rub my hands together to evenly distribute it and rub it around my face to get rid of makeup.
- Wash your face.
- Cleanse using the toothbrush method, tone &Moisturize. ( If you've not read the toothbrush method post, Click - Electric toothbrush cleansing routine)

; This is how I remove my makeup, I know this post is a bit shorter than my other post but i hope this helps you if you've just started to wear makeup and you're trying to find out how to get rid of your makeup! Be sure to always use a balancing cleansing oil to remove your makeup because cleansing wipes does not take off your makeup completely.

Disclaimer; All pictures are taken by my camera &they all belong to me. If you'd like to take them &put them on your own blog, Kindly let me know!

Till then!
xx Nic

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