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Sunscreen 101

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Sunscreen is very important once you're in your teen years, so here's all you need to know about sunscreen, Welcome to Sunscreen 101! Here I'll be discussing about the benefits of sunscreen, what damage it'll do to your skin and also I'll be giving you some brands of sunscreen for you to choose for your skin type!

This post might be a little bit longer than what I am used to blogging because there are so much to know about sunscreen so please keep reading on! It's for your own good.

Sunscreen is very important because it protects your skin as you grow older and results will definitely show if you don't use sunscreen. The reason why you have to use a sunscreen is because the exposure to the sun UV radiation causes around 90% of skin cancer, premature aging and hyper-pigmentation. (scary I know)

Hyper-pigmentation is when your skin is being exposed too much to the sun, your skin will start to develop Hyper-pigmentation, Normally you wouldn't get them in your teens, but once you hit your early 20's you'll start to see! Hyper-pigmentation causes your skin to become darker than your skin color which leaves small dots on your cheeks, forehead or anywhere around your face.

Why is it important to use sunscreen?

- Skin damage from sunlight builds up with continued exposure, even if you have sunburn or not.
- To avoid premature aging, wrinkling and leathery texture like on your skin.

Different ways to protect your skin without sunscreen;
- Use an umbrella when you're taking long strolls
- Use a hat
- Wear long pants, long sleeve shirts.
-Stay at a shaded area.

What to look for in a sunscreen
- Buy a sunscreen with at least SPF of 15 or more (the higher the better)
- Protects against UVA and UVB radiation. Find products which contain chemical like Zinc and avobenzone
- Oil free, water based
- Noncomedegenic-Which means it is unlikely it'll clog your pores.

Choosing sunscreen for your skin type;

Oily skin- Try to stay away from Mineral oil that are in your sunscreen ingredients list. Look for product which are not that greasy. I would avoid Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide (this will give your face a white cast if you're talking flash photography, they are light reflecting chemicals)

Dry skin- Find sunscreen which come in lotion or cream form with ingredients like glycerin or aloe vera, these are hydrating ingredients. Avoid sprays that have alcohol, this will dry your skin even more.

Acne prone-Your skin type will definitely be highly reactive to sunscreens because you have acne prone skin. Find sunscreen that are light, oil free and comes in lotion form which chemical ingredient like Avobenzo and Oxybenzone.

These are different type of brands of sunscreen that'll work for your skin type;

- Neutrogena
- Avene
-Banana Boat
-Clinique  [ Picture from;] 

Hope this post was useful for all of you out there reading now! As said again, all pictures are not mine unless stated, I just googled them randomly and took the pictures. If any of the photos belongs to you and I didn't credit, do kindly let me know!

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