Saturday, 10 November 2012

Electric ToothBrush Cleansing Routine;

Hi lovelies!

There are probably many different posts on how to cleanse your face with an electric toothbrush out there on the internet however if most of you have not heard of this technique, well keep reading on!

Electric toothbrush doesn't only buff up all the dirt that are being clogged up in your pores but it also acts as an exfoliator; it's like killing two birds with one stone! If you're looking for an alternate of the Clarisonic Mia (which was so popular a few months back on YouTube) this is definitely the choice.

All you need is;
1) An electric Toothbrush
2) Your facial cleanser (make sure it's liquid)

Step 1;
 Make sure your brush on your electric toothbrush isn't the brush you use to brush your teeth with. Normally electric toothbrush comes with an extra brush. Here in the picture I've made it clear that red band is for my skin.

Step 2;

Squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto your toothbrush and make sure your face is wet and not completely dry or this will NOT work.

Step 3;
Activate your electric toothbrush, buff it all around your face in small circular motions (DO NOT press the brush in your skin) lightly and gently go around your entire face. If it feels dry, just wet the brush a little bit more to get enough foam. Take about 1 minute to do this.

Step 4;
Rinse it away (using warm water then close your pores with cold water) Tone &Moisturize straight away.

Warning; You might go through a skin purging face (Time when your face will breakout like there's no tomorrow) for about 2 weeks then it should subside &you'll have clear and soft skin.

Do this every night before you go to bed for about a month. If results doesn't show in about a month, this technique doesn't work for you. If irritation occurs, stop using this technique immediately.

P.s// I am not a dermatologist. This technique worked for me personally, it might work for you or it may not. Depending on your skin &your skin type, I cannot tell you if this works for you so please do this at your own risk.

Cheers to a fresh new start!
xx Z

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