Thursday, 22 November 2012

Product Review; Bye bye dry &damaged hair!

Hi beauties

As promised from the last post, I said I would do a product review regarding dry and damaged hair. I am not going to lie, I have only tested this product out for a week and a half and I am absolutely loving it, hence why I am doing a product review this fast because I have notice results in just 4 days! 
Sit back and enjoy reading! 

Product Name; Free &Free Damage Aid

This is the package it comes in, Can you see the clear plastic wrapper? no? okay... 

What does the product do; 

Basically, this is a treatment water which you spray it on your ends (hair). This product seals your ends and treat dry and damaged hair! 


I have to admit that the scent at first made me a little nausea. It has a very light floral scent to it that does not linger on your hair all day. It stays for about 10 minute then it disappears. 

So this is how the bottle comes in when you take the plastic wrapper off. There are two different types to suit your hair type, if you have dry and damaged hair get the green bottle (as shown above), If you have colored hair then get the red one specifically for you hair! 

How to use?

- Spray it to your hair and ends about 10-15cm away. 
- Let it soak in. 
- Comb through
-Style as usual 

Bottle packaging &the way it sprays; 

I like the bottle packing quite a lot because it's light and easy to use, there's a reason why I like using this product (see picture below). The way it sprays out of the bottle is actually really good, because it sprays and comes out as a mist instead of spraying it and coming out like a water gun. Trust me, there are lots of products out there where you spray and it is as if I am playing with a watergun, leaving one patch of my hair wet and the other dry. 

Okay *refresh memory of yours* remember how I said I like using the product? well that's because if you look at the picture where there's a yellow circle, You can remove it and then you spray. If it's intact, you're not able to spray. 

Moving on with the price and where I got this product; 

Price; B$6.80 
Where I got this product; Supa Save. 

So this is a mini review on the product that I have tested out and I am still currently using it after my hair protein cream. This leaves my ends feeling less dry and frizzy, I spray this about 2 times on the same patch. Don't worry, it absorbs quite fast so don't worry that it'll leave your hair feeling damp. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and also found your miracle product for your hair! I'll be finishing the entire bottle before I purchase my new one!

Update: This blog will now not be solely based on hair care and skin care anymore, I have gravitated towards being a beauty blogger, I'll be doing makeup tips, product reviews as well! i hope you guys like the change!

Disclaimer; I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned above in this post, All opinions/comments are my own. Pictures are all mine, If you wish to take them please kindly tell me in the comment section below. 

Have an amazing day!
xx  Nic (@nichollezoe) 

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