Thursday, 15 August 2013

Welcome to YouTube !

Hello lovely followers,

It's time to take a little step forward for me as I would like to venture off to Youtube, I would still be posting blog post here but I've been doing blogs lately, So do check them out &enjoy

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My healthy diet routine!

Hi Everyone! 

I recently have been going to the gym about 4-5 times a week and I have been training hard to get a toned body. Although, by saying getting a toned body instead of just working out, your diet contributes a ton to your routine. 
Here today, I'll share with you my healthy routine! 
I lost 9KG in just 2 1/2 weeks! 

Breakfast: I never ever skip breakfast! I used to but I have learned that it is VERY important to eat your breakfast! These are the 3 options i usually go for:
  • Special K- Multigrain oats &Honey cereal. 
  • Sliced bananas 
  • Burgen- Weight management bread (best bread EVER) 

Lunch: This usually alternates because I spend most of my time at uni so I would rarely have time to get some decent meals, but if I do they would be: 

  • Salads (Hard boiled egg, brocolli, cauliflower, baby carrots &baby corn- All steamed)
  • Lemon Chicken with steamed vegetables. 
  • Toasted Thick Crust Sandwhich (not so healthy) 
  • Steam Fish with sliced tomatoes. 
Snack : My portions are nearly more than a plate full therefore making me have smaller portions, I tend to snack usually at around 4pm before gym and have dinner at around 7, 1 hour after gym. 

  • Sliced fresh strawberries with bananas. 
  • Nature Valley- Energy bar. (nuts and honey) 
  • Soup (If I have soup at home, i would usually drink that) 
  • Almonds. 
Dinner: This is usually where I would go a little heavier (not in portion size). 

  • Steam Chicken with an entire bowl full of vegetables. 
  • Brown rice with steam fish and baked beans. 
  • Udon noodles with soup(made personally) with baby corns, vegetables and sliced tomatoes. 
So that is my healthy diet! I do indulge usually on weekends where I am allowed to let myself pick one unhealthy food to have (hungry jacks, KFC Etc) 
But if you can, obviously it would be best to avoid having these foods. 
I do not drink colas, or any sodas for that matters now! 

Keep healthy, stay fit &your skin/body will thank you!

See you all soon! 
xo Nicholle xo 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Follow me around Vlog!

Hello lovelies! 

as promised, a follow me around vlog will be uploaded yesterday but I fell asleep so here is the vlog I promised! :) 

Enjoy, subscribe &give it a major thumbs up if you did enjoy! 

I am new to this so the screen seems kinda weird but oh wells :) 

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hi guys!

Be sure to check back in here today for a follow me around vlog!! :)

xo nicholle

Sunday, 19 May 2013

South Bank Fun

Hello My lovelies!! 

So I recently spent the day at South Bank Brisbane with one of my amazing partner in Crime &I thought I'd share some of the snap shots for you all! 
It was an amazing day filled with laughter, chilling moments and good food! 
Sometimes in life, you just need to chill and remember why you were being put on earth. 

MotherNature &Music saved me. 
Grass snap shots.  
 Enjoying life as usual. 

 My favorite partner in crime: The only person who understands me and stands by me no matter what. 

 The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen ever since I got to Brisbane. 

 Max Brener good ness! Chocolate Dip; Fresh Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. 

Hungry yet? :) 

I hope this post was entertaining to read or see in fact. Sometimes I just love to chill and walk around southbank to relax and be able to see more things that are beyond my eyes. 
Even when all doors are closed, eventually you'll find the window out. 

Take every opportunity that is being thrown at you, 
You'll never know what it may bring. 

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend! 

xo Nicholle (@NicholleZoe) 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

LUSH haul.

hello my loves! 
as promised, i would do a lush haul for you guys! It might be a bit short because I am currently feeling very poorly. 

but here it goes!!! 
 I needed a new cleanser for my skin as it was breaking out and I felt like the chemicals in my original cleanser that i have been using wasn't helping it at all. Decided to give myself a break from the chemicals and proceeded to lush! Picked this up and it smells very herbal! but overall it is amazing! cleanses really thoroughly without making my skin feeling tight right after. 

It looks green and mushy!!! Like mushrooms :D

Grease lightning is by far the best pimple treatment ever! It does not dry my pimples up to the max but soothe and calms them down. I have used this for a week and have seen major changes in my skin! it is less irritated and the spots did not leave a scar! absolutely great product! it comes off as a gel like texture, half a pump goes a LONG way! 

Thought I would give the LUSH face mask a go and picked up BB seaweed! This is very nice and soothing on the skin but leaves a very nice feeling afterwards! Small bit goes a long way so this doesn't break the bank! 
I like the scent of it as well, it smells a little like seaweed! which is absolutely amazing! 

Two samples: Left (Enzymion) This moisturizer was actually a sample given to me by the saleslady after I told her that Vanishing cream was a little too thick for my skin during the summer and other seasons but winter and autumn is fine. 
Absolutely amazing product! smells just like vanishing cream and it is super thick but does not feel thick on your skin! it's like mayonnaise 

(Dark Angels) I have not tried this cleanser yet but it is said to banish breakouts so I might give it a go and let you all know! check back in here in a couple of days for updates! (I'll write it in orange color so it'll be easily seen) 

 This is an amazing product if you suffer from dry skin during the winter which i do ! I use this every night before bed and waking up to super smooth skin in the morning! absolutely repurchasing after I am done with this one (this was a gift from a friend in a gift box) 
Olive branch is a very orangey smell and it is a little like a pick me up shower gel which i absolutely love! i have used it once and completely fell in love with it however I told myself not to use it unless I have finished my current shower gel which so happens to be my favorite " Honey I washed the kids" shower gel! Will update here when i have used it. 

Buffy body butter was a gift in a gift box set as well! I don't really like this because it is a little too harsh on my skin I feel like I am scrapping sand on my skin which isn't the best I would believe but I will finish this off but not repurchasing it in the future, i would definitely repurchase aqua mirabilis which is my current cult product from LUSH 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
I am finally on track again, guys!!! So excited! 
Lots of love 
see you during the weekends!! (Post will be updated on sunday) 


Monday, 13 May 2013

A little update &Youtube?

Hello my dears! 

It seems FOREVER that I have posted a new blog post and I thought I am really sorry even tho i have said this so much but assignments has gotten hold on me and I am about 3 weeks away from my final exams which is really scary. 

But just to update you a little bit. My next post will be up on Wed and it's a haul (Fingers crossed, I might do it on youtube) !!!! <<< Ahhh. It is quite a big haul so I will most probably have to film it, upload and link it back here so fingers crossed that you'll be able to see it! 

See you all on Wednesday!!!!! 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Update; Brisbane.

hello my lovelies! 
As you all know, I recently arrived to Brisbane for my university and that I would update you when I have fully settled down, which I have! Therefore, a blog post all about brisbane is definitely a good topic to talk about today! 
I arrived in Brisbane about 2 months ago and that i felt like a little girl lost in this world because I knew absolutely no one and i had no friends here at the start of the week. 
Brisbane now is really beautiful as I have started University and made a ton of friends which I absolutely love all of them because they're amazing! I tried a lot of different activities and i have definitely enjoyed my time being here as for now. 
The places I have visited is the City; Queen Street Mall, Fortitute Valley and South Bank! 
A shopping centre filled with a lot of varities to choose from as in clothes, you would definitely love this shopping centre because it is an amazing place for you to enjoy and be able to relax and do most of your shopping aside from different malls. 
Fortitute valley is like ChinaTown where you get chinese food, as you know I am of Chinese blood and I like my chinese food, so that's where most of the chinese food that I need is from. 
South Bank.
One of the most beautiful place on earth! (well, not literally) 
it is like a park where there is a beach facing the river and a huge ferris wheel which lights up during the night and makes beautiful scenery!
The atmosphere is very nice and calming because it is a place where children like to enjoy and have fun or where barbeque takes place. There is an outdoor auditorium and that people would hold group activities like dancing and singing outdoors which is absolutely amazing. 
Obviously, with that said descriptions are not enough for you and I would definitely add in pictures when I am back home (literally). Updating this from university is definitely not easy because I did not want to pull this post any further! 
I hope you all are enjoying the rest of your night! 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Finding your nude lipstick!

Hello Everyone! 

Now I know it is a tad bit difficult when it comes to finding your own nude lipstick! 
Obviously many people have different lip color in general and finding your own nude lipstick might be a tad bit difficult but no worries! I am here to help! 

If your lip color is from
pale(no color)/ slight pale(A tiny bit of pink) 
Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting 

If your lip color is from 
Slight pale/ bright pink

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. 

If your lip color is from 
Bright Pink/ Rose 
Chanel Jersey Rose 77 OR Revlon Kissable Balm Stain (Smitten) 

If your lip color is from 
Rose/brown/deep red 

Chanel Jersey Rose 77/Revlon Lip Butter Brown Sugar/ Revlon Lip Butter Candy Tart. 

Disclaimer; All pictures are not mine. 

Have a great weekend! 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

My diet

Hello Everyone! 

It's been awhile and as promised to have post on Mon and Fri, I therefore lacked to stay on schedule again! However, I thought today would be great to just let you in a little of my secret on my diet! 
When i first arrived in Australia, I was 48kg and now I am 44kg. 

My diet consist of: 
1) No Rice. 
2) Less oil, sugar/salt. 
3) Weight management bread (Burgen) 
4) Steam vegetables. 
5) NO soft drinks.

Of course, with that said of the diet there is also the exercise part!

Deepest apologies to you all readers! 
I will promise to update more often! 

till then 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dry Skin?

Hello readers! 

Another post as promised, but firstly I'd love to wish you all celebrating Easter, a very happy Easter Holiday!! 
Eat a lot of chocolate! 

Today's topic is all based on dry skin! 
If you struggle with dry skin, no problem! read on and find out (: 

Step 1: 
- Mix Olive Oil with a bit of Sea Salt. 

Step 2: 
- Mix them together and make a scrub and massage on your skin. 

Step 3
- Wash it right after with luke warm water then splash a dash of cold water to seal your pores. 

The sea salt is going to gently clean our your pores and not harm your skin because of the tiny particles which helps. 

This is a small post however I hope you've enjoyed 
Don't forget to check back in every Monday and Friday!! New post every twice a week (:
P.s// Do this at your own risk, I am not a dermatologist nor a doctor. 

Happy Easter
Enjoy your holiday!! 

Zoe (@NicholleZoe) 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Revlon; Lip Butters Review.

Hello, to all you beautiful readers out there! 

As promised, 2 post once a week! Ever wondered whether there is such a lip product that hydrates, gives color and also has amazing color range? Well, there is! &That's the Revlon Lip butter! 

Stay with me &I'll bring you through everything you need to know from price, to color range and to the quality! 
I recently discovered the Revlon Lip Butter through Youtube Guru's and I decided to give it a go, now the first color that I picked up was 2 months ago. 

The first color that I've picked up was 015; Tutti Frutti. The only reason why I picked it up and decided to give it a go is because its orange. Now I am a huge fan of orange/corals when it comes to lipstick colors, half of my lipstick collection are probably corals/orange or even peachy orange &again orange

I'll describe each color individually; 

Tutti Frutti: This is an exceptional orange for a more natural daily look. If you naturally have rosy lip color (like I do) then this would show a little more sheer however on the other hand, if you have super pale lips as if you have no blood in you, then this is going to show a massive difference.
The formula is amazing, super creamy and hydrating on the lips (LIKE BUTTER) 
Color last all day long. 
Pigmentation is amazing, it's not super sheer nor super glittery. Just in between. 

Sweet Tart: This is a super barbie pink. I don't normally go to the wild side where I would be able to wear fuschia or a neon pink color like MAC Saint Germain because I naturally have pale skin. 
Thought I'd give this a go because i was feeling oh-so-adventurous. 
&again the color last all day long. 
Pigmentation is super amazing and it's very moisturizing. 

As shown; From left to Right. 
Sweet Tart- Tutti Fruitti. 

I love the packaging as it is easy to tell which color is which because of the packaging and the cap color. 
The color range is amazing, i have never seen such an amazing color range ever. You can get the nudest of the nude color in that range or go for a super bold color! I believe they're having 4 more colors that are releasing here in Australia which I am so excited to see. 

The price isn't that pricey for such amazing product but it is however a tad bit steep for drug stores. 
I picked up Tutti Fruitti in Singapore Airport for about S$7 I believe? 
and the other one was about AUD$12 somewhat there. 

Definitely amazing product, if you have not tried and you're wanting to buy a lipstick but afraid it won't suit you, I'd suggest these lip butters! Absolutely cult product. 

I hope you all are having an amazing day! 
p.s// Pictures are all mine. 



Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why not to wear makeup during gym?

Hello my lovelies! 

I know I promised that I'd put up a new blog post this friday and it is now sunday, tsk tsk naughty me. 
Well, better late than never! 

One of the things I realized the most when I am at the gym trying to work out and getting fit/toned, I realized that a lot of women at the gym have a full face of makeup. 
There are some tips on why you should avoid using makeup at the gym! 

Tip 1: 
Blocks your pores; 
When you sweat, your pores will get clogged up with sweat and makeup therefore, causing you to break out. 

Tip 2: 
Runny makeup. 
When you're sweating and you're trying as much as possible not to wipe your makeup off, your sweat will drip on your face and also cause your makeup to run. (I have seen this happened) 

Those 2 tips are the most important in why you shouldn't wear makeup to the gym, Wearing makeup to the gym can make you look pretty but trust me, would you rather have beautiful and nice skin after the gym naturally or pile on a whole junk of makeup then in the end having pimples all over? 

Hope this has helped you &
See you tomorrow for a new post!! 
ps. Pictures are not mine unless stated. 


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hello everyone!

I haven't update my blog in a week and I sincerely apologize deeply to you all beautiful readers out there!
I am now on my week 4 of uni and I am extremely busy with gym and uni work so I didn't have the time! I know that's not an excuse but please bare with me :)

                                         new post this friday!                                                 
I promise. 

Love you all, 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Freeman Cucumber Mask.

Hello my Lovelies! 

Recently I went a little shopping for beauty products at PriceLine here in Brisbane, at Queen Street. If you follow me on any social media you would definitely know. So follow up! 

This post will be all about the Freeman Cucumber Mask, because it was one of the thing that I wanted to pick up when I went shopping for my little beauty products. 
As much as I love my other facial mask, I picked this one up because it was a peel off * I've lived in a cave my entire life*. 

The mask cost about AUD$9.99, I wouldn't really say it is pricey for the amount and uses that I will get out of it, so the price was reasonable though it would be better if it was a little cheaper. 
The formula is very sticky, like glue so this is a little down side for the packaging. When you open the bottle, some product will slip out and that it would make the cap area sticky. Instead of having a squeeze out, I would say it's better if you have a pump to go with it, to avoid any spillage. 

I apply the mask for about 10 minutes and then peel it off, by far the most interesting thing I have done all day. Once i peel the mask off, my skin felt so smooth and bright. This mask is a definite yes, aside from the very annoying packaging. 

This is a very short post, because it is quite self explanatory, so if you have any questions, do leave them in the comment section below and I will reply to them! 

Hope you all are having an amazing weekends! 
p.s/ Photos are not mine unless stated to be so. 
New post every Monday &Fri 
x Zoe (@NicholleZoe) 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kit Cosmetic; Lip Glaze review.

Hi Beauties! 

Recently, I went shopping here in Brisbane down at the city (Queen Street) and passed by Myer. I was on the hunt for a moisturizing face mask as the weather was getting a little dry and my skin needed a major face mask. I stopped by Myer centre and went over to the origins counter hoping that they'd have some products that were suitable for my skin, and of course they did. 

However, this blog post isn't about "why I got a new face mask", this blog post is about a lip glaze that I recently discovered and fell head over heels for it. 
As much as I love my lipsticks, I couldn't say the same for my lip glosses. I am not a major fan of lip glosses that would be sticky and too thick. 
I bought my face mask and was given a lip glaze from Kit Cosmetic as one of their february valentine's day promotion, did not like the color at first but decided to give it a go. 
Absolutely love it. 

The packaging is super adorable and it is an absolute winner, a winner for your handbag!

The applicator however did not really make me like this product a 100% even though everything about it was just amazing. The applicator is a doefoot applicator and the reason why I don't like this type of applicator is because it's difficult to elongate around the corner of the mouth. I still prefer the teardrop applicator. 

The color pay off is amazing and even though the color seems a bit darker or quite scary at first, it came out light on the lips (depending on your natural lip color before applying a lipstick). 
This is not sticky or not thick on the lips, it felt as if it's just a little glaze on the lips. There are no traces of glitter or sparkles in the lip gloss, which is a major plus size for me. 

Money wise, I couldn't really tell because this was given to me as a free gift by the sales girl as a valentine's promotion but If I am not mistaken, I believe it's about AUD$29? 
I have provided their website link below for you all to check out more of their products. 

Hope this was useful to you all! 
P.s// Not advertorial; I am not getting paid for this review, all opinions are my own. Photos strictly belong to me, If you wish to use it. Kindly let me know in advance/or credit me &link me.
Kit Cosmetics


In Australia.

Hello my beauties!

If you follow me on any social media, you would know that I am currently in Australia, Brisbane for my University and that I have been settling in well but trying to get used to the things that I have to do now that I am on my own. I really do miss blogging and that all of you are still reading my blog even though i have stopped blogging for awhile.

Blog post will resume next week and I'll post a blog post twice a week. (Mon &Fri). Hopefully, you lot have been well and enjoying life! Leave a comment below telling me what you've been doing lately for the time being!!

Lots of love, my fantastic readers :)

x Nicholle Zoe

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Product Review; Bioderma

This might not come off as a huge surprise to you all beauty fanatics as this has been around quite some time now but after living under a rock *Not literally*, I have finally discovered Bioderma. 
Bioderma is from a french skin care line that covers from cleanser to toner to moisturizer and many different products in between. If you are not a big fan of micellaire water's then I rather you skip this post right now before I bore to all to death, but if you have never tried a micellaire water solution and would love to read some reviews before getting your hands on one, then keep reading! 

Bioderma does not contain perfume or any harsh chemical that could dry your skin out nor will it irritate your skin. It comes with two packaging of the same kind, "Crealine TS H2O" or "Sensibio H20". They are the same but bioderma just repackaged them to make them a little more different. I own both of the bioderma solution, one for oily skin and another for normal skin. I was very skeptical about using a micellaire solution water and also quite brave as I have super sensitive skin and I could not use any products that have harsh chemicals in them. 

Bioderma generally removes your makeup and also cleanses your face but I use it more of a makeup remover because I don't feel like my skin would be clean with just one swipe of a cotton pad. The solution comes off as a clear, odorless solution. As a little demonstration below, I used a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma solution and removed my makeup and this would be the outcome. You are able to use it on your eyes as well and good news is that It does not sting your eyes (nothing's worse than getting makeup remover in your eye and hopping around the bathroom like a bunny trying to get rid of it) 

I have been using Bioderma for over a month and I have seen results that has shocked me, the tiny spots that looks like hyper-pigmentation which is not have so far disappeared. Bioderma comes in 3 different sizes, the 150, 250 &500ML bottle sizes and also the prices varies depending on your drugstore/pharmacy. Unfortunately, Bioderma is not worldwide however you can order it online or you could ask a friend to get his/her hands on it for you. I have searched a couple of websites that sells bioderma at a cheap price and so far I found it on Ebay so if you would like to get your hands on Bioderma click here 

I hope you have enjoyed this review and hope you all would give Bioderma a thought and also bioderma has been seen in parts of England, Hongkong, Canada, US &mainly in France. 

*This is strictly not advertorial, all opinions are based on my own. Pictures belong to me &Link has been taken off Ebay (I am not affliated with the seller)* 

Come say Hi! (@NicholleZoe) 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Where have I been?

Hi my lovelies! 

As promised that I would update my blog every Monday, Wednesday &Friday however I am as guilty as I'll ever be. I have been super busy and occupied the entire week and I cannot wait to share with you what's going on. So keep scrolling and let's get started. 

♥Work ♥

I have started a part time job for the time being before heading off to uni as my little experience and also to pass the time away rather than sitting at home and not doing anything productive. Work has kept me busy for the time being and being with little kids have never been so much fun. I work as an assistant teacher and all I can say is that I wake up every morning looking forward to another day at work. 
They say kids can be a handful but I have the sweetest and most well behaved children ever. 
So sad that I'll have to leave them before the term ends. 

♥Gym ♥

I have not only picked up the habit of eating healthy but also I have started working out, this is not entirely because I want to lose weight but I also want to keep fit. 
I start the day out with work and after work I would head to the gym for about 2 hours every 3 times a week and either do some cardio or I would tone up.
I couldn't be happier with the way I have been living my life lately, not that i wasn't happy before but I have finally found something I really love. 
I work out 3 times a week and take the rest of the days off. 

♥Dinner Dates ♥

I have been going out every friday night for the past 2 weeks with my best friend for our so called "dinner dates", which is funny because she's been my best friend for a decade and it's funny how we call it our dinner dates when it's really not. 
So far we had sushi night and pasta night, the upcoming meal would be thai night. I am so excited for our little food feast, I'd gain a few pounds, you reckon? 
The lack of social life i have right now is really not helping me in any way considering all my friends are either in the UK or still in school, I therefore have no friends to talk to *Jokes* 

So these are the 3 things that have been keeping me busy for the entire week which is why the lack of updates, but I have a post that will be posted right after this I promise you. 
What is it that have kept you busy? (: 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello My loves! (:

It's been awhile since I've blogged and even though it's part of my new year resolution that I would blog more often, I have indeed been working so work has pretty much took up much of my energy. Please bare with me!

I will resume blogging on the 21st of January. New post will be up every Monday, Wed and Friday!

Lots of love and thank you!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to get radiant glowing skin.

Hello Everyone! 

So it's 2013, another year has flown by and we are welcoming the new year. The only thing that can make a person look more youthful and even healthier is by having radiant glowing skin. Here are a few tips I would love to share with you all that has helped me achieve that radiant glowing skin. 

1) Eating healthy.

This probably would come by as a no surprise to most of you, if you've been an avid reader on my blog. Eating healthy is the way to go to achieve a healthy lifestyle or even having better skin. Cut down on chocolates, sugary and even salty food and go for healthier food for example; Vegetables. The oiler the food is and the more oil you consume, the more your face will breakout. 

2) Eat more antioxidant 

Eating more antioxidant will help free radical from your skin and will help repair your skin, indulge more in fruits that have high antioxidant. Even if you consume the smallest plate of fruits, it will do wonders to your skin. 
3) Limit your sun exposure. 

Having a little bit of sun exposure is good for you however, due to the long period of time outdoors this will cause major damage to your skin. This however, can be helped by eating more antioxidant for example; fruits. Eating plenty of antioxidant can help you escape the fact of you having a sunburn, so eat up guys! 

4) Moisturize with natural oil. 

Coconut oil is the best natural oil out there to help soothe your skin even Miranda Kerr uses coconut oil part of her daily routine. Coconut oil will help with dry skin, ezcema and other skin problems that you may be facing. Add a drop of coconut oil in your salad and eat it up, you can also use coconut oil on your hair to help your condition your roots. 

These are the top 4 tips I can give you to help with getting radiant skin, of course exercising is part of it! Exercise every single day for about 2 hours whether it's running or lifting weights or just taking a brisk walk you can lose calories and yet have healthy glowing skin! 

Disclaimer; All pictures are not mine unless stated to be so, They have been randomly selected thru google search; images. If pictures belong to you &you would love to be credited, kindly do let me know. Thank you 

Happy glowing! ☺

xx Zoe (@NicholleZoe)

Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 Recap.

Hi Beauties! 

2012 has passed and now we're welcoming the new year of 2013! I have never been this excited about a new year,but first of all, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had an amazing new years eve and new years morning with your loved ones and friends! 

Let's recap a little of 2012 shall we? 

I started out the year a little shaky of a person I am because 2011 was a little bit more of a roller-coaster for me and when things gets too amazing and too perfect, I will tend to realize that things will eventually crumble. However 2012, was nothing like that. Though there were parts where I was a little unhappy about, but they were swept under my feet in just days. 

I have got to admit that one of my favorite memories of 2012 has got to be my singapore trips with my lovely girls! These girls put a smile on my face any day when I am down, not to even mention how they have made me study so hard and put much effort in. We had a trip to Singapore as our "free from exams" trip to take a good breath of fresh air away from home without our parents by our sides. 
I spent 4 days 3 nights with these girls and I felt like I have only spent a minute with them! Time flew by when we had so much fun, partying it up at Marina Bay Sands (not really, partying per se), 24hr Mcd in our room, late night swimming and a lot of shopping was a good way to sum up our last few months together before we departed our own separate ways. 


High school is where most memorable memories are being made with your peers. Graduating from High school &Pre Uni may sound fun but that is just not the case. Sure, you can have all the time to go out and have fun but think about it when your best friends and all your friends that have been with you for as long as you can remember, slowly leaving you. One by one leaving at the airport with tears in their eyes and sad goodbyes. 
Before my friends left, they have left me with nothing but sweet memories and graduation night was one of them. 

Night was filled with laughters, smiles, random singing, walking into walls and lots of pictures taken. 

Beach Party; 

Being by the beach has got to be one of my favorite things to do when it comes to 'chilling'. Salty breeze of air and the ocean waves makes the most calming sound known to mankind. We had this gathering at the beach just to help our poor brains from overloading it with too much information for school so we threw a beach party that lasted till about half past 6. 

Last but not least; 

Starting my own blog. 

I started this blog on the 10/11/12 due to the fact that I have no school and I needed to occupy myself with something so i chose to blog again. I love waking up and checking my page views every day and reading all your beautiful and sweet comments that were being left at the end of every post, you guys put a smile on my face! I promise to blog more this year and hopefully new things will come my way. Just a simple "Thank you for helping me" will put a major smile on my face for the entire day. Taking this opportunity to thank you all! I may not be the best blogger out there, but I certainly enjoy blogging &that's all it matters.

Although all my favorite memories can't be written down all in just one blog post, hence why i am not be able to share all my 2012 memories with you all, but i sure can tell you I had an amazing year and if i could repeat a year again, it would have to be 2012. Though, there were parts where I didn't feel the world was on my side but that passed by so easily. 

I hope you all are starting out your new year extremely well, whether its settling in a new school or moving to a new state/country or even just waiting for your intake (which is what i am doing), I hope you all had an amazing new years eve and hope that this year will bring you more laughters, smiles and more ups rather than downs! 

Appreciate little things in life and god will return the favor of giving you something big like you deserve it, take the time and patience to do something &always remember to respect your elders! When you have the opportunity to do something big/something you've never done before, take it! Chances don't come around again if you let it go the first time, take it and at least you can say "oh wells" rather than "what if". 

Have an amazing day and i hope you all enjoyed this post! Beauty/skincare/hair care post will resume on the 9th Feb 2013, If you guys have been checking in every single day like loyal readers, I will take this opportunity to thank you all, thank you for standing by me :) 

Cheers to the new years &cheer to new beginnings (: 

Love you guys! 
xx Nic (@NicholleZoe) 

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