Thursday, 18 April 2013

Update; Brisbane.

hello my lovelies! 
As you all know, I recently arrived to Brisbane for my university and that I would update you when I have fully settled down, which I have! Therefore, a blog post all about brisbane is definitely a good topic to talk about today! 
I arrived in Brisbane about 2 months ago and that i felt like a little girl lost in this world because I knew absolutely no one and i had no friends here at the start of the week. 
Brisbane now is really beautiful as I have started University and made a ton of friends which I absolutely love all of them because they're amazing! I tried a lot of different activities and i have definitely enjoyed my time being here as for now. 
The places I have visited is the City; Queen Street Mall, Fortitute Valley and South Bank! 
A shopping centre filled with a lot of varities to choose from as in clothes, you would definitely love this shopping centre because it is an amazing place for you to enjoy and be able to relax and do most of your shopping aside from different malls. 
Fortitute valley is like ChinaTown where you get chinese food, as you know I am of Chinese blood and I like my chinese food, so that's where most of the chinese food that I need is from. 
South Bank.
One of the most beautiful place on earth! (well, not literally) 
it is like a park where there is a beach facing the river and a huge ferris wheel which lights up during the night and makes beautiful scenery!
The atmosphere is very nice and calming because it is a place where children like to enjoy and have fun or where barbeque takes place. There is an outdoor auditorium and that people would hold group activities like dancing and singing outdoors which is absolutely amazing. 
Obviously, with that said descriptions are not enough for you and I would definitely add in pictures when I am back home (literally). Updating this from university is definitely not easy because I did not want to pull this post any further! 
I hope you all are enjoying the rest of your night! 

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