Monday, 25 March 2013

Revlon; Lip Butters Review.

Hello, to all you beautiful readers out there! 

As promised, 2 post once a week! Ever wondered whether there is such a lip product that hydrates, gives color and also has amazing color range? Well, there is! &That's the Revlon Lip butter! 

Stay with me &I'll bring you through everything you need to know from price, to color range and to the quality! 
I recently discovered the Revlon Lip Butter through Youtube Guru's and I decided to give it a go, now the first color that I picked up was 2 months ago. 

The first color that I've picked up was 015; Tutti Frutti. The only reason why I picked it up and decided to give it a go is because its orange. Now I am a huge fan of orange/corals when it comes to lipstick colors, half of my lipstick collection are probably corals/orange or even peachy orange &again orange

I'll describe each color individually; 

Tutti Frutti: This is an exceptional orange for a more natural daily look. If you naturally have rosy lip color (like I do) then this would show a little more sheer however on the other hand, if you have super pale lips as if you have no blood in you, then this is going to show a massive difference.
The formula is amazing, super creamy and hydrating on the lips (LIKE BUTTER) 
Color last all day long. 
Pigmentation is amazing, it's not super sheer nor super glittery. Just in between. 

Sweet Tart: This is a super barbie pink. I don't normally go to the wild side where I would be able to wear fuschia or a neon pink color like MAC Saint Germain because I naturally have pale skin. 
Thought I'd give this a go because i was feeling oh-so-adventurous. 
&again the color last all day long. 
Pigmentation is super amazing and it's very moisturizing. 

As shown; From left to Right. 
Sweet Tart- Tutti Fruitti. 

I love the packaging as it is easy to tell which color is which because of the packaging and the cap color. 
The color range is amazing, i have never seen such an amazing color range ever. You can get the nudest of the nude color in that range or go for a super bold color! I believe they're having 4 more colors that are releasing here in Australia which I am so excited to see. 

The price isn't that pricey for such amazing product but it is however a tad bit steep for drug stores. 
I picked up Tutti Fruitti in Singapore Airport for about S$7 I believe? 
and the other one was about AUD$12 somewhat there. 

Definitely amazing product, if you have not tried and you're wanting to buy a lipstick but afraid it won't suit you, I'd suggest these lip butters! Absolutely cult product. 

I hope you all are having an amazing day! 
p.s// Pictures are all mine. 



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