Sunday, 27 January 2013

Product Review; Bioderma

This might not come off as a huge surprise to you all beauty fanatics as this has been around quite some time now but after living under a rock *Not literally*, I have finally discovered Bioderma. 
Bioderma is from a french skin care line that covers from cleanser to toner to moisturizer and many different products in between. If you are not a big fan of micellaire water's then I rather you skip this post right now before I bore to all to death, but if you have never tried a micellaire water solution and would love to read some reviews before getting your hands on one, then keep reading! 

Bioderma does not contain perfume or any harsh chemical that could dry your skin out nor will it irritate your skin. It comes with two packaging of the same kind, "Crealine TS H2O" or "Sensibio H20". They are the same but bioderma just repackaged them to make them a little more different. I own both of the bioderma solution, one for oily skin and another for normal skin. I was very skeptical about using a micellaire solution water and also quite brave as I have super sensitive skin and I could not use any products that have harsh chemicals in them. 

Bioderma generally removes your makeup and also cleanses your face but I use it more of a makeup remover because I don't feel like my skin would be clean with just one swipe of a cotton pad. The solution comes off as a clear, odorless solution. As a little demonstration below, I used a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma solution and removed my makeup and this would be the outcome. You are able to use it on your eyes as well and good news is that It does not sting your eyes (nothing's worse than getting makeup remover in your eye and hopping around the bathroom like a bunny trying to get rid of it) 

I have been using Bioderma for over a month and I have seen results that has shocked me, the tiny spots that looks like hyper-pigmentation which is not have so far disappeared. Bioderma comes in 3 different sizes, the 150, 250 &500ML bottle sizes and also the prices varies depending on your drugstore/pharmacy. Unfortunately, Bioderma is not worldwide however you can order it online or you could ask a friend to get his/her hands on it for you. I have searched a couple of websites that sells bioderma at a cheap price and so far I found it on Ebay so if you would like to get your hands on Bioderma click here 

I hope you have enjoyed this review and hope you all would give Bioderma a thought and also bioderma has been seen in parts of England, Hongkong, Canada, US &mainly in France. 

*This is strictly not advertorial, all opinions are based on my own. Pictures belong to me &Link has been taken off Ebay (I am not affliated with the seller)* 

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  1. I was so looking forward to a review of this because a lot of people rave about it that's it great and stuff, but nobody did an actual review! I'm very tempted to buy the one for sensitive skin but I'm a bit sceptical about the micellar water. I'm afraid it'll just feel like water on my skin and won't do anything...

    1. Hi my darling!

      You could just try the smallest bottle just to give it a go before purchasing the bigger bottle, i went ahead with the bigger bottle because I know I wouldn't be able to get my hands on it here (:

      xo Nic (@NicholleZoe)

  2. I'm so tempted to buy this after reading your review!!

    I'm following you, you have a lovely blog!




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