Sunday, 11 November 2012

How to treat Dry &Damaged hair

Hi beauties!

Ever wonder if you have dry or even damaged hair? well you'll find out what type of hair you have or even how do avoid having dry or damaged hair.

how to tell if you have dry or even damaged hair; Take a strand of your own hair and gently pull both ends, if it snaps easily means you have dry damaged unhealthy hair which means you don't have enough moisture in your hair.  Don't worry, keep reading on &you'll find out how you can save your poor locks.

1) Finding better conditioner for your hair; Some conditioner labelled their product with 100%                   moisturizing properties in their conditioner, but in reality what it does is just have another layer coated on your hair then it goes away.
- Find conditioner that doesn't have mineral oils in them.
- Find conditioner without petroleum.

Look for products that contains natural oil; for example: Argan Oil, Olive, Glycerin or even shea butter.

2) Styling your hair; Heat is the easiest way to get sleek and beautiful long locks but it can be dangerous for your hair. When curling, blowing or even straightening it can do a lot of damage to your hair. Use a heat protection cream on your hair.

Use it on damp hair and then wait for awhile then style away. If you have fine &limp hair, try turning the heat down.

3) Weather; Weather can affect your hair even if you don't know it. Blazing hot sun can damage your roots and hair as well, however on cold days it can suck up all the moisture off your hair. Use a conditioner that helps your poor dry locks! Wear a hat when you're out for a long period of time for example; To the beach or just at the playground with your friends

4) Cut your hair: The most important rule that everyone forgets is to trim their ends every 6-8 weeks to avoid having dry damaged ends.

5) Never wash your hair everyday- Not only this will take the moisture out of your hair but it will dry your hair out and eventually your hair will fall. Wash it every other day. (mon-wed-friday)

6) Foods that keep healthy hair; Eat more avocados and salmon which are all jam packed with essentials oils to help your poor locks!

Products that will help your hair;

Australian Organic Shampoo;

Rating- 9/10
Smell- 9/10
Price; $4.80
Where to buy; Supa Save

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

Rating; 8/10
Smell- 10/10
Price- AUD$13.50/ 55g

Where to buy : Australia or anywhere LUSH is at.

Smell- 8.5/10
Price: $10 (depending where you get it)

Where to buy; Supa Save, Hua Ho, Winmark etc

These are some of the products and tips on how to save your poor locks.

Say good bye to dry&damaged hair and Hello to pretty locks!



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