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LUSH Reviews.

Hi guys! 

So today, I am going to blog a little more casually. Why? Because it's DECEMBER! So today is the First of December, so spicing things up I thought it'd be fun to blog casually. 
So if you follow me on any form of social media, you'd know that I went through a LUSH obsessed phase about 5 months ago, I believe? I also went to their new launch of makeup line party and bought quite a few things from there, I'll do a review very soon :) 

So today, I am going to give you guys my top 2 LUSH bath products. I am not going to do a review on all my LUSH products (I have quite a few) so it might be a little too long, so I'll just do my top 2 products that I really like. 

Keep reading and find out! 
Sultana Of Soap; 

Review; I absolutely adore this soap! This leaves my skin feeling soft and makes my skin super hydrated, it's a super creamy soap so it doesn't lather that well compared to the other soaps they have in LUSH. It has a very fruity scent to it, at the top of the soap there are raisins, cranberries, almonds and nuts, I believe. 

My dad got this huge chunk for me when he was in Singapore for a business meeting and he bought this huge chunk alongside with a few other items from LUSH as my birthday present. I cut my soap up in small pieces and I use them up, once I finish them I'd be able to restock it by cutting another piece. I got to warn you that, the pieces on the top will fall out. 

Honey I Washed The Kids; 

Review; This is actually my first soap that I have ever got from LUSH, A really great friend of mine, Amanda got it for me when she was online shopping and she found out that I like this soap so she secretly got it for me and kept it as a secret. Of course, She told me before the product arrived, hahaha. 
This is a creamy soap as well, but this lather a little more than the sultana of soap. This does not leave a residue on your skin and also the scent lingers on your skin for about 2-3 hours then it fades. 

It smells like caramel, toffee and honey all mixed together, so it smells super sweet and girly. So if you're not into sweet scent, this might not be your soap. The top part is honeycomb so basically I use it as an exfoliator when I am running late and I don't want to use my loofah. 

Samples; Sea Vegetable &Rockstar. 

So I got these two soaps as a simple which for rockstar (the pink one) is quite a big chunk! The girls are LUSH were super friendly and sweet, I also got a full sample size of Mrs Whippy Ballistic and Bubbleroon (SP?), though I bought quite a lot of stuff from them. 
I haven't tried the Sea Vegetable yet, but the rockstar soap I have. 

Rock star soap lathers quite well, I wouldn't say "amazing" but it's alright for me. I honestly prefer my soaps to be creamy, the scent does not linger around your skin at all so don't expect it to linger around your skin, Smells super girly and strong.

Just to let you all know that it's better to actually go smell the soap for yourself because it's different for everyone, I don't want you to buy a soap online then smell it and not liking it. 
Thanks to the LUSH girls for giving me free samples in full size! LUSH, you have amazing employees! 

I hope this post have helped you and I hope you've enjoyed reading 
I'll see you all very soon! 

Disclaimer; I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned above, all opinions are my own. 

Happy 1st of December!! 

xx Zoe (@NicholleZoe) 


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  8. Oh makes me wanna try every soap haha ! I'm a LUSHIE , but I've never tried their soaps , the only one i've tried was Miranda , which i loved , but for some reason i only stick to their skin care stuff , i will be ordering some soaps now haha :)

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