Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas gift guide for HIM

Hi everyone! 

By the time you see this blog post, I'd be on vacation but don't worry I have quite a few blog post already done before hand so it'll be up as usual, every single day! 
I recently did a christmas gift guide for HER (if you haven't read it, click here) and i received quite a few comments on how they liked that blog post, so I thought i'd be great to do a christmas gift guide for HIM. 
Guys are a little more difficult when it comes to buying them a gift so I'd share some gifts that I already have in mind for my family. 

1) Games; It could be for your nephew or your younger brothers, games never go out of style! Buy them the latest call of duty; black ops 2 or even borderland 2! Try finding them a game which suits their age. 

2) Perfume; Guys who smells good are probably the best thing ever! Finding them a scent might be a little difficult, but when you know their personality, try going to the sales girl and telling them their personality and she might be able to pick a scent for you. 

3) Mugs; Getting your friends, uncle or even your dad new cute christmas-y mugs can really brighten up their day even though if it's not during the christmas month! Adding a little cute mug in their office or their work area will help them get through the day. 

I hope this post was useful for you all and I hope you have some ideas on your mind right now! 
xx Nic (@NicholleZoe) 

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