Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How to make your lipstick stay longer!

Hello everyone! 

So a lot of times when we eat or drink, our lipsticks tend to rub off and you'd find yourself re-applying lipsticks over and over again 
so today, i'll give you a few tips to let yourself a break from checking the mirror to see if your lipstick is still on! 

1) Lip Liner; Line your lips with a lip liner with the shade as close to your lipstick as possible. Lining your lips will help your lipstick stay on a little longer and even if your lipstick fades, your lip liner will still be on. 

2) Dabbing motion; Dab your lipstick on your lip and not rubbing it on your lips! 

3) Pat motion; After you have apply your lipsticks, use your ring finger and dab the lipstick in your lips. This is like how you would apply your moisturizer! By patting it in. 

I hope this is useful for you and I hope your lipstick stays on as long as possible! 
xx Nic (@NicholleZoe) 

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