Wednesday, 26 December 2012

All about your brows!

Hi beauties! 

It's been awhile! I took a little break for Christmas holidays to enjoy time with my
Family and also my laptop got infected by a virus so I had to get to clean at the shop! So today i am updating through my phone, bare with me if I made a few grammar mistakes! 

So brows can really change a look, today I'll give you a tip I totally love that give my brows that full and trimmed effect. 

1) comb your brows through. 
2) use brow powder and fill it in ( this will act as a guide before drawing them in) 
3) draw your brows with a pencil to fill in the gaps! 
4) blend the harsh edges 

The reason why you use powder before a pencil is so when you use a pencil over it, it soften the effect on your brows making them fuller and more clean and crisp!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and hope you all had lots of laughter and joy during this Christmas! 

Zoe (@NicholleZoe) 


  1. Love this! <3

    Defined brows frame a face!

    Your blog is too cute, I'm totally subbing, could you check mine out too?

  2. Hi Zoe, I nominated you for another award :) You can see the details here:



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