Friday, 7 December 2012

How to control your cravings!

Hello Everyone! 

So today's post is more towards the lifestyle kind of post and there is a reason for it! I recently got my teeth whitened at home with my own personal teeth whitening kit, and when you whiten your teeth you're not allowed to eat anything that will stain it for about say, 24 hours? So I had all sorts of cravings that were good and bad. 
So I thought it'd be useful for me to share some tips with you on how to control your cravings! Everyone has cravings so I am sure this will help one of you out there! *i hope*

1) Distract yourself; 
- When I say distract yourself, I do not mean google pictures of yummy food or even watch food channels on the tv, THAT DOES NOT HELP. You could either just surf the internet or you could either go downstairs and do something productive, like paint or play with your pets. 

2) Eat something healthy; 
- Times when I am craving for something unhealthy or just that I can't eat because it might stain my teeth, I always let myself have bread or I can have fruits. Keep yourself full and this might help you with your cravings. 

3) Calm yourself down; 
- When we get hungry and when we are craving for something good, our emotions tends to go a little insane so calming yourself down would be a great option! Try to either do yoga or just sleep on your bed staring at your ceiling will help calm you down. This should make your cravings disappear in no time. 

And if 3 of the tips above doesn't help you, the best tip I can give you is that; SLEEP. No matter what time of the day it is, sleep will always help you. 
Yayy to healthier and whiter teeth! 
I'll see you all tomorrow! 
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Don't forget to brush your teeth! ☺
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xx Nic (@NicholleZoe) 


  1. You're so welcome! :) Glad I helped you


  2. How to control cravings : turn off computer! that's the only one that works with me :)

    xx lovely post :)

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  3. haha :) I needed this post! Ive been snacking a lot recently which is no healthy! I think its the cold! I always seem to eat more in winter :( Libby xox



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